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"Love desire"

Layout configuration:
Romantic European-style veils, background (flowers available new photos available wedding heart-shaped, oval or other shape)
Romantic shine LED lights
Creative silk flowers road 8 (according to site requirements, lighting + gauze curtain decoration)
Creative stage 4 of Silk Road (according to site requirements, lighting + gauze curtain decoration)
Beautiful silk flower greenhouses (can be used with artificial silk flowers and veils, decorative)
Welcome signs (available new photos or wedding, including fine decoration)

Candlestick champagne beautifully decorated
Beautifully decorated champagne Tower
Wedlock beautifully decorated
3CCD full wedding best camera a name (from dye to toast the end)
Late fine DVD make a
Personality wedding one (including wedding full background music)
Professional florists wedding one (home floral arrangement guests can take a taxi)
Wedding consultants one (feel free to inquire a wedding)
Ceremony configuration:
Elegant Crystal candle holder (candle cups, floating candle-bearing)
Beautiful romantic booster only (including fine decoration)
Fine Champagne (with petals romantic decoration)
Free use of glowing ice cubes 6 tablets of

Exquisite wedding Crystal bead curtain decoration
Stage effect configuration:
Stage effects bubble machine (with a professional bubble artist name)
Chasing lights the stage one (one with professional optometrists)
A full set of configuration:
Beautiful floats decorated with fresh flowers (flowers or hearts)
Exquisite pair of float decoration 8 Ribbon like Word
Beautiful corsages the bride and bridegroom 2
Exquisite brooch 8 (both parents • groomsmen bridesmaids • Minister • witnesses)
Beautiful bride holding flowers a bouquet of
Hand thrown confetti 4 volume
Signing the newcomer in this store, you can also enjoy promotions:
With bridesmaid dress set (no cleaning fees)
Offers flower girl dress set (a men's and a flower girl, no cleaning fees)
Premium toast clothing provided a (cleaning fee of 50 Yuan, with fashion accessories)
Free flower girl wings

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