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"Forever, and forever"

Every road around 22 roses
First, the stage area
(Up to 4 meters high and 8 meters wide)
1, background frame + luxury silk backgrounds 1 of ice
Background photo 2, or LOVE,WEDDING card
3, a variety of yarn (the white, pink, blue, and purple yarn art mix)
4, LED lights adorn the stage
Champagne Tower 5, modeling a
6, champagne table and mantle and decorative details
Modeling 7, holders of a
8, mantle and decorative details
9, a bubble machine
10, the background flower lamp 4
11, beautiful love booster
12, a romantic wish ball
1, column 8 fashion flowers (lamp post or a Swan iron)
2, fashion flower flowers arch 1 (three flower) or flower huating (style style can make the selection)
4, 20 chair back decoration
5, 1200W, chasing lights a
Three, signed
1, check the gorgeous hanging feathers
2, signed by one sign in a
3, shape sign flower clusters
4, fashion welcome an added floral
5, 2 m welcome little background a plus in main, flowers
6, the photo display area (8 photos) and
Four, floats and floral flowers
Warm main floats decorated with fresh flowers 1, 1 (free or heart)
2, free Lite under float decoration 8
3, bride fashion flowers 1 bunch
4, wedding corsage 11 flowers
Five mountain Alliance edge configuration
1, free bridesmaid dress set
2, free flower girl clothing provided two sets of
3, wedlock glass beautifully decorated
4, beautifully decorated
5, wedding table before and after the process of a
6, lovely ring pillow (heart-shaped or square)
7, lovely lace flower basket two + petal number
Six A
2, professional scene layout and lighting equipment operator
3, professional make-up artist makeup
4, gold hosts a
5, track photographer one (end of the dye to the toast in the morning, post-production editing, exquisite gift box)

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