From the quality of the details
Successful companies because of the successful brands, successful brands because of the superior quality, superior quality comes from manufacturing all the perfect details. Love every detail of the wedding from the wedding, and strict checks to ensure quality. Evry Ting to accurately grasp every detail of the wedding, each operation precision, never let go of any blemish, strive for excellence.
"Bujikuibu, without even miles away; no accumulation of small streams into rivers-free"; Avril Lavigne stating since the beginning of the creation, always uphold the "attention to detail and the pursuit of perfect quality," attitude.
Because professional so well
From the first time you visit my love wedding, the wedding, the whole will have a dedicated wedding consultants provide you with full service. For you do not know where we will have professional staff to answer your questions. Including: hosting, photography, camera, make-up, design, music, design, site design, wedding rehearsals, wedding day, etc. Not only that, but every aspect of your wedding scheme we have professionals in charge, Evry Ting for you to create exclusive high quality, high style wedding.
The perfect wedding from the professional team
Love wedding has the most professional, best wedding planning and implementation team. They will provide you the perfect wedding with the most powerful protection. Best wedding team love wedding will play a role in every aspect of your wedding to ensure that all aspects of preparing for her wedding to wedding day smooth and perfect ending.
Always love the quality and style of the wedding industry reputation. Our floral concept originated in Europe modern floral style, different from the traditional art of flower arranging. Many florists Germany Cologne School of floral flower art PhD MS KK budget; Beijing Olympics top flower arrangement Advisor Zhou Peihua women; Singapore Senior flower designer Mr Gao Yanfa; Japan pool square Art Association kangjie Professor flower, design level in the country is second to none. Our lighting, photography, field crews are graduated from the famous professional educational institutions at home and abroad, participated in preparations for the big parties, celebrity concerts and field implementation, has extensive experience in the field. Layout for you to choose the wedding suppliers, can provide you with floral, choreography, lighting, and other personalities of exclusive professional services program, you remove the communication problems, creating a unique high end wedding.