Strange customs around the mid-autumn wedding
August day, matchmaker will throw thousands of red line, tied together a pair of young boys. Then to modern times, what are the rich taste of the marriage customs of the Festival?
Dong nationality in Guangxi "game proposal"
Mid-Autumn Festival night, Dong young man dressed in festive costumes, holding, playing, groups inspired by the Moon, playing beautiful music, and upbeat dance songs from all directions to the game site, a lead song dance, all agree. Singing and dancing, the young man was soon beautiful girl to the side, two people singing on dance. Jinan wedding tips, when both young men and women dancing to the mountain road after game songs and less people on the field, young men and women left alone awaits joking again next year behind the red line.
Behind Palmer in both entertainment and
Some areas of Fujian province, night of the Moon Festival behind Palmer in both entertainment and custom. That night, in the square take a color, decorate the Moon King, and rabbit, Laurel, etc. Jinan wedding company, an unmarried girl dressed as Cheng Change, celebrating after the singing and dancing, girls with different color handkerchief to down parabolic.
If the audience received the handkerchief and "change" the hands of the same suit, can award on stage. When some unmarried young man returned his handkerchief, if "change" like, you can give them rings.
Steal food asked lang
In Taiwan, autumn unmarried woman "steal food asked lang". Adornment beautiful women inspired by the Moon, others steal picking onions and vegetables in the vegetable garden, steal pick then predicted she could meet husband. Jinan wedding company, therefore Taiwan has "steal onions, marry well; stealing food, marry a good son-in-law" of proverbs.

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