Selected emcee will become an important focus of wedding ceremony
It is learnt that as most new people began to call the wedding host culture, wedding company, asking them to behave to a Saint, at the time of wedding ceremony to unique, full of happiness. Make wedding Chair industry in the face of the current trend of social development, and strive to innovate.
New to the wedding's individual requirements getting higher and higher, the host is no longer just a set of lines, gags, and do a couple of tanks, etiquette, astronomy, geography, politics, folklore, literature and art, to some, to be a eclectic.
Actually host the wedding market, the couple when looking for a wedding host, though it may indicate some qualifications are not much higher, but the host of the highly educated, tend to be more impressed newcomers. They can learn Chinese and traditional culture, for example, can embed new name poems, couplets, according to field situations, improvised poems, can use both English and Chinese bilingual and so on.
Ago, a wedding is a Wedding March throughout, and now, a wedding takes thirty or forty songs. "String field, new people come to power, the atmosphere and provocative ... ... Different stages with different music, but also according to the couple's backgrounds, preferences to arrange.

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