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It is reported that with autumn in October drew closer, Jinan wedding company also began the move. How to use melody, create a Visual Feast of the wedding ceremony?
The heavenly things, mirror-like carpets, electronics sprays, rings ... ... Some girly gradually into the wedding industry in Jinan, which LED screen was mentioned most.
Heavenly '' crane wire rope is from English ' transliteration, was originally the actors home cooking, now the bride can also be early adopters. We had two games, a fairy tale wedding, Bridal jewelry Princess through the wire rope into, with the groom playing Prince, Prince dressed Princess Crystal shoes also have a bride through the wire rope from the top of the Pavilion of happiness down, waiting for the groom to marry him.
If you want to use more visual images to express the artistic newcomers want to present, you can use the LED screen, stage lighting, its effect cannot be achieved by other yarn Naaman inkjet. LED screens are used on the wedding before.
To this end, they introduced a technology – originally for commercial performances show. Drop in the background, by controlling the speed drops, drop images. Guests from the outside will appear on the screen the words, such as '' tie the knot '
In addition to wedding companies and advertising companies, also took aim at wedding this early fat, equipped with a LED screen on individual hotels, gimmicky.

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