On-site emergency married little busters
Sweat and tears will be your wedding. Immediately with a clean piece of white color hand towels on the clothes where wet and dry clothes on the nutrient absorption. Do not use spray glue for a water mark. You can use the steam iron to remove water from clothes, but must caution not to burn the clothes. Jinan wedding company the following method:
Ordinary bride before the wedding possible and unlikely to have the opportunity of contact with ink, but if in case of careless dress was stained with ink to do, wedding ceremony is about to begin. India ink is perhaps the most difficult stains to remove. Immediately with water or cleaning agent cleaning might be able to wash the ink, but remnants still left on the clothes. Bleach also must not be used, since the common bleach will rot fabric, the consequences could be worse. Calm down, get a clean cotton swab, top spray a little hair spray, then use a cotton swab and gently wipe the ink stain.
For every bride, the most frightening thing is found not only in marriage before you begin caution dirty wedding dress, or worse is found on the face acne. Don't worry, we have a method to help you weed out those glitches, make you perfect, favorite folks and friends.

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