Men and women perfect handling long-distance wedding unique
It is reported that at present, Jinan has a lot of home and work after graduation, more often than not one area, what about long distance relationships do the wedding ceremony? Following Jinan wedding company give you a little bit of advice, marriage, of course we can do as the Romans.
First talk about the time, the interval can be according to own actual situation to handle. But there is one key, banquet in the man of the day should be called the Zodiac, woman's day banquet can be ignored. According to superstition, true according to the bride for marriage, and therefore to no avail that man.
In accordance with local customs, which should have two, the first woman, the man after. We have to ask why? Tell you, which is to marry before they are married, the woman not banquet bride, how do you get married?
Mind you, at the bride's House Banquet, only drink, bride can not do that sort of thing, if you're not careful, then you are unsatisfied.
In addition, the Jinan wedding company you can also work to hold another, led colleagues and friends to entertain, so wouldn't it be better for both sides.

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