How to create a warm and happy wedding
Professional media networks using
Married couple is a priority, for both parents, likewise, too, with the help of friends and parents, must prepare for the close, the market has enough media coverage, the "wedding" thorough analysis, clear. More "money guidance"/"protocols" and other special reports, choice of media professionals, couples also believes that the heart is a mirror, and immediately began personally to make arrangements.
2, invite to wedding
Many girls have their girlfriends, especially married girlfriends, bride-to-be married his girlfriend to come back. In the girl's marriage, there's basically half, believe that your girlfriend will do all it can, based on your comments, make a positive choice.
3, professional wedding planning company to compensate for the
Familiar with some of the new media, the so-called friends and family, you can also achieve the perfect wedding. In fact, simple wedding, but there is still a very professional projects, only a professional wedding planning companies to realize their ideals, and the icing on the cake.
4 not to select a wedding car, directly in the hotel
In recent years, cancel the wedding cars, before the wedding, hotel suite directly for the night, slowly becoming a trend. Bride-to-be morning makeup, absolutely catch the opening ceremony of wedding. Now, with wedding packages launched many hotels are free to use the project House, and affordable, convenient, and why not?
5, select the appropriate color
Jinan wedding services company now uses two phases of Chinese and Western forms of combination, there are many like the forms and colors of the new Western-style layout-this is mainly a white light, cool colors decorated with flowers. Fresh and elegant style and layout seems to be pure, elegant and romantic, younger guests will be very basic like. But also to include parents, elders and traditional aesthetic values inherent in the layout to avoid unpleasant scenes. Consider the color of the site layout, such as warm yet elegant purple compromise.
6, find a knowledgeable good "housekeeping".
The Division is responsible for overseeing the wedding day, wedding planning and control, but some work as "housekeeping" new friends together. As a wedding and new drink in front of the hotel on the date the transfer of inventory, and so on, before deciding whether to open table ready, need to have a decision, instead of the groom's friends. Another example is the wedding reception table staff and coordination of important guest everyday, you need a couple of friend of a friend to help.
7 of the cluster, select the wedding low season
Avoid wedding season. Not only family and friends won't feel tired, too many wedding also have many resources on the market for you to choose from. Easy travel to romantic love, so well you can!

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