How do I invite friends invitations sent
Wedding blessings of family and friends, usually people with a way to send an invitation, however, with the development of society, population mobility increased, invitations a little overwhelmed, so Jinan wedding company to introduce several invited friends and send invitations.
Now mobile phones are increasingly common, in the form of MMS, is a good way, is above the couple's wedding photos, wedding information here is editing, very green and very innovative! Just such an invitation is not very suitable for elders and Associates, will make people feel is not so formal. If the older members of your family about, maybe it will still feel not respected! It is recommended that such an invitation, apply only between friends, because they are young, are better able to understand each other, and more receptive to new things! But after text message invitation, should at least make a phone call to ask if someone receives, can attend, and the number of participants to be a understanding to seat yourself.
Just call invitations for wedding information transmission also seems to be lacking something. If the call invitation, coupled with an SMS invitation would be better. Especially in two or three days before the wedding, so that can also serve as a reminder of the role, invited by the phone, after all, was not so impressed!
Sending invitations is our tradition, traditional paper invitations must be sent to invitees of the face to face, so that enough. General invitation time, can control in one month to half a month ago. Too soon, for fear they will forget; too late, is not conducive to each other to arrange their travel time. If need to send electronic invitations or phone call, text message invitation, one month to half a month in advance is more appropriate. Just when 3-5 days before the wedding, remember to call to confirm, in case they forget.

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