About the Moon wedding customs
First is, Hmong dance month.
Every Mid-Autumn Festival night, brightest light shines through the Hmong's cottage, the Hmong men and women after a family reunion, on the grounds are going to the mountains, sing and dance, "dance month" activities.
Hmong people to express nostalgia for the happy love, generations in the Mid-Autumn Festival night, bathed in the glow of the Moon, bound of Miao songs and dances, and this custom is called "jump". Jinan wedding company, young men and women in "leap months", looking for love, poured affection, like clear water and moon, bright and pure, forever grow well.
Second, the Dong nationality in Guangxi "game proposal."
Mid-Autumn Festival night, Dong young man dressed in festive costumes, holding, playing, groups inspired by the Moon, playing beautiful music, and upbeat dance songs from all directions to the game site, a lead song dance, all agree. Audiences like a cloud, and ear. Singing and dancing, the young man was soon beautiful girl to the side, two people singing on dance. Jinan wedding tips, when both young men and women dancing to the mountain road after game songs and less people on the field, young men and women left alone awaits joking again next year behind the red line.
Jiangsu "take months tryst"
People think of southern Jiangsu Province, lovers of both sexes if you can in a matchmaker meeting secretly under the eyes, pour each other, love is pure and beautiful. Jinan wedding company, mid-autumn night, young men and women will wear beautiful clothes, invited Darling walk on the moon walk, touchy-feely until daybreak.

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